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Nadiras Story

Nadira's Story

Posted on 08 December 2014

Nadira has been a Groundwork Green Doctor since 2010 and is currently working on a project to help nearly 2,000 homes in Sheppey save a tonne of CO2 emissions each through behaviour change and energy efficiency advice.

“Green Doctors work with tenants to help them identify ways to save money and be more energy efficient in ways that work for them. We give tailored advice on energy and water saving measures but we also give advice on grants, council schemes and other agencies in their area that can help in other ways. We’re obviously there to help with energy efficiency but while we’re in the home we try to help that individual out as much as we possibly can."

“One of the people I visited lived in a very old house that was very draughty. She suffered from MS and found that long showers could help with her condition. I fitted a range of efficiency measures to make her house warmer but while I was there I was also able to switch her to a cheaper tariff for her water bill and get her on to the priority services register with the council. This meant she was able to save £140 on her electricity bills and could take longer showers to ease her pain without having to worry about excessive water bills."

“Being a Green Doctor can be a great conversation starter – I’ve even been asked why I haven’t arrived in a Tardis! It’s a unique opportunity to meet people from all different walks of life, and it’s an amazing feeling knowing that spending an hour with someone can lead to them making lifelong environmental changes.”