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Our impact in 2014-2015

Groundwork impact 2014 2015We help people across the UK to carry out thousands of projects each year. Tackling climate change. Helping people out of fuel poverty. Bringing out the best in young people by helping them to improve their local area. Building stronger communities by improving green space. Getting people back into work and creating green jobs.

Last year alone we:

Invested £80 million into communities

Carried out 3,000 projects

Helped 5,200 people into education, employment or training

Improved or maintained 26 million m2 of land, benefiting 492,000 people

Visited 5,000 households to help them reduce waste through energy and water efficiency

Helped people to avoid 16,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Diverted 88,000 tonnes of waste from landfill

Supported adults and young people to carry out 263,000 days of social action in their communities


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Read the full report here:

The report should load above, but if it doesn't you can download it here. (PDF 3.2MB)

Beyond the numbers
But it’s when you start to look beyond the numbers you really see the positive impact our work has on people’s lives.People like Antony, who, thanks to an apprenticeship with one of our Green Teams, overcame a difficult childhood and has increased his chances of securing long-term employment.  And Meryem, at risk of failing her GCSEs until she received one-to-one mentoring from a Groundwork Achievement Coach to remove the barriers preventing her from getting the grades she was capable of.  Or Clare, who, thanks to a visit from one of our Green Doctors, is now better able to keep warm and save money during winter.

View our case studies to see how we're changing places and changing lives every day.

These stories and thousands of others just like them each year inspire us to do what we do.

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