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Coverack Christmas swim!

I'm thinking of swimming the Coverack Christmas swim!

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£25.00 Mr Michael Millar25 December 2015 Such a shame Im not doing it with you... Have fun!
£20.00 Mr James McLean24 December 2015 Good luck!!
£5.00 Miss Becky Owen-Fisher24 December 2015 Enjoy!
£10.00 Mrs Vanessa Millar24 December 2015 I cant wait!!
£5.00 Mr Gary Elsley21 December 2015 Mr Gary Elsley has donated £5.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Mrs Carrie Hobart21 December 2015 Good luck Abra!
£15.28 Mr Simon Gillett21 December 2015 Good Luck! Love Si and Siobhan
£20.00 Mrs Jenny Webb20 December 2015 Good luck Abra bet you will giggle all the way x love Jen and James x
£20.00 Mrs Janet Skilton20 December 2015 You crazy woman!! Enjoy the swim :) xx
£25.00 Mr George Scott20 December 2015 Good luck, at least its going to be warm this year. Tee hee ;) Sluggy