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Why am I doing this?

Blooming Well
The Blooming Well project brings together people with dementia and their carers in Northumberland, to increase their quality of life through natural crafts and gardening activities (ecotherapy), supported by local school aged volunteers. Find out more
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Blooming Well
Total raised so far £649.00

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John Muir Way - coast to coast cycle ride

I know how great Groundwork are and I want everyone else to know about it too! John Muir was born in Scotland and is responsible for founding the first ever National Parks because he knew what a precious resource the natural world is. I'm lucky I get to see the real difference being outside and being active makes to people's everyday lives, improving both their physical & mental health whilst making our area a better, greener place to live.

My Grandma has dementia, that's why I want to support this project. Let's get them some new tools and equipment to keep their garden growing!
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£30.00 Ms Leanne Shipley16 June 2015 from Jane, Peter, Lesley and Frank
£15.00 Anonymous03 June 2015 Well done girls!
£20.00 Anonymous02 June 2015 Well done Leanne x
£59.00 Anonymous01 June 2015 from the customers at The little Bistro
£10.00 Mr Jim Foggon31 May 2015 Well done. Jim and Vicky Foggon
£10.00 Mrs E Searle22 May 2015 Hope all goes well with the ride Leanne-from Liz & Jeff
£25.00 Mr David Malone19 May 2015 A very valuable project!
£10.00 Mr Stuart Jones18 May 2015 Mr Stuart Jones has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Mr Ian McMillan18 May 2015 Mr Ian McMillan has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Mr Nigel Orr18 May 2015 Well done Leanne & Linsay-Have fun!
£20.00 Mrs Ann Fell17 May 2015 Mrs Ann Fell has donated £20.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Mrs Rebecca Taylor17 May 2015 Well done Leanne!! Great cause-enjoy the ride!! x
£25.00 Mrs Mandy Shiel15 May 2015 Mrs Mandy shiel
£5.00 Mrs julie form15 May 2015 Mrs julie form has donated £5.00 to your appeal
£5.00 Anonymous15 May 2015 Anonymous has donated £5.00 to your appeal
£5.00 Miss Lisa Shearer15 May 2015 Great cause, project and challenge, good luck!
£25.00 Mrs Kay Bradshaw15 May 2015 This is from me and Kate. Good luck I hope you have a great time raising funds for something you really believe in. Bring on the sunny days ( and maybe some light cloud cover too). Kx
£20.00 Mr Terry Nicholls11 April 2015 Geoff and Lesley Temple
£10.00 Mrs carole fountain10 April 2015 Good luck Leanne from both of us, rooting for you.
£5.00 Mrs Michele Armstrong07 April 2015 good luck, great challenge, great cause.
£20.00 Ms Christine Nicholls01 April 2015 A great project and a great bike ride especially as I dont have to babysit
£5.00 Anonymous01 April 2015 Anonymous has donated £5.00 to your appeal
£20.00 Mr Jonathan Nicholls29 March 2015 Good luck!
£20.00 Mr Barrie Shipley28 March 2015 Good luck guys!
£10.00 Mrs Sara Holdcroft27 March 2015 Good luck with the ride
£10.00 Miss Lucy Walker27 March 2015 Good luck Leanne! Sounds like an amazing challenge and for a great cause! Enjoy x