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Other Places to Visit

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Other places to visit

If we're not holding an event near you, there are also plenty of other places for you to visit:

Suffolk Wildlife Trust

  • The Trust has a series of marvellous reserves across the county, two of which fall within the Wild Villages area:
    Simpson’s Saltingsdonated to the Trust by the late Francis Simpson, author of Flora of Suffolk, this is an important site for uncommon coastal and saltmarsh plants.
  • Sutton and Hollesley Commons a fantastic area of heathland, home to many unusual species. 

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)
Boyton and Hollesley Marshes are managed as one reserve but are a couple of miles apart. Both are coastal grazing marshes with shallow pools and flood during the winter. They are important for a variety of breeding wading birds and wintering ducks and geese, as well as many grassland insects and flowers. They’re also great for watching birds of prey, owls, butterflies and dragonflies.  

Suffolk Punch Trust
The Trust is dedicated to preserving not only the Suffolk Punch as a breed but also the skills involved in handing these heavy horses, and the visitor centre offers a great day out! 

Poplar Park
For all things equestrian.  

Bawdsey Radar Station
Just to show that the Wild Villages are not only important for wildlife, this is a truly historic museum, dedicated to the history of the development of radar and much more.  

The Boathouse Café
A great place for a drink and to eat, and to enjoy the view.