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About Community Enablers

Community Enablers are on hand through every step of the Bags of Help process from assisting with applications to supporting successful applicants to deliver their projects. Here’s a guide to their role and why their work is so vital to local projects and the success of Bags of Help.

Overseeing local regions

Community Enablers are experts in their local regions. They have first-hand knowledge of local community groups and areas where communities are most in need as well as developing relationships with both local groups and businesses. This insight helps to spread the Bags of Help word across communities and encourage applications.  They also build strong relationships with Tesco colleagues at stores to help them promote the scheme.

Project Nominations

When a member of the public nominates a local space that needs improving, the Community Enabler will work with them to identify the landowner and find out if a project could be delivered by a local group. If so, then they will help support the group put in an application to the Bags of Help scheme.

Supporting the application process

Applying for a grant can be daunting; especially if it’s the first time someone has applied. Community Enablers have experience of filling in grant application forms and can help out applicants every step of the way, ensuring that key nuggets of information are included in the application in order for it to stand out.

Chairing and facilitating shortlisting panels

Once the projects have been shortlisted in each region it’s the role of the Community Enabler to host the shortlisting panel with Tesco colleagues to whittle down entries. The chosen projects are then put forward for the public vote, so it’s key that the Community Enabler is on hand to answer any questions and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Collecting voting results

It’s the role of the Community Enabler to collect the voting results from the stores so that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place projects can be announced as soon as possible.

Supporting successful projects

Once the votes have been counted and verified and the winners of the £5k, £2k and £1k projects have been announced the Community Enabler then has the job of supporting every single project in their region. This includes helping with any queries, supporting any PR activities and making sure projects are running smoothly.

How to find your local Community Enabler

If you call the Tesco helpline on 0121 237 5780 or email we can put you in in touch with your local contact.

If you are based in Scotland, you can find out more about your local Community Enabler by visiting the greenspace scotland website.