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Groundwork Youth Hub

X Marks the Spot is a project that gives 16-24 year olds the tools needed to share their concerns about issues that matter to them and to take practical action to address them. 

It is managed by the community charity with a green heart, Groundwork.

Featured content

Show winter who's boss

Groundwork teamed up with Birmingham University’s Green Community to help students there film ideas for ways to keep warm this winter

Otters, Jordan and video games

What connects Jordan, video games, bullying and otters - and how are they linked to brighter futures? All is revealed... READ MORE  

Getting ahead with work experience

Everywhere seems to want experience before you can even get started with your career. Liam found that a placement providing practical hands-on experience is a great way to get a job. READ MORE  

Chantelle: Living with anxiety

Chantelle is one of around 200,000 young people living with an anxiety disorder. She has created this film to share the challenges this creates and the impact it has on her daily life. READ MORE