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There is hidden treasure in our communities. An underused source of passion, creativity and enthusiasm waiting to make its mark.

What is that untapped potential?

It’s you. That’s why our X Marks the Spot campaign is giving 16-24 year-olds like you the chance to make their mark where they live.

This site is designed to give you a voice in conversations at the national level about issues that matter to you. Talking is great, but action is even better so this site also provides you with ways to make your mark where you live.

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Chantelle: Living with anxiety

Chantelle is one of around 200,000 young people living with an anxiety disorder. She has created this film to share the challenges this creates and the impact it has on her daily life. READ MORE  


  • Danii's Story

    Danii's Story

    16 September 2016

    Hear how Danii made her mark on where she lives