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Fast Stream

A team of Fast Stream graduates are supporting Groundwork through both fundraising and volunteering activities across their offices and departments until April 2017. 

Fast Stream graduates are raising funds to help Groundwork create greener places, promote greener living and working and improve people's prospects. 

By raising funds, Fast Stream graduates are helping to bring communities together and make a difference to spaces like the Green Patch.

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£300.00 Thanks to Mr James Deri 10 September 2017 Great North Run fundraising
£200.00 Thanks to Mr Padraig Carroll 03 March 2017
£88.84 Thanks to Mr Charles d'Auria 27 February 2017
£52.73 Thanks to Mr Abu Chowdhury 21 February 2017 Proceeds from charity bake sale at BEIS
£42.42 Thanks to Ms Emma O'Kerry 26 January 2017
£70.00 Thanks to Mr Charles d'Auria 26 January 2017
£80.00 Thanks to Dr Laura Cole 15 January 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Chloe Wootton 10 December 2016 Go James
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