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Youth Contract - Chloe's Story

Posted on 12 October 2013

What's it like taking part in On-Track? Read Chloe's* story:

Chloe* is from a family of 12 siblings, all living in a three bedroom house in Sefton. Both parents are drug users. The family has quite severe hardship and neither parent works or accesses support from other agencies. Chloe has no GCSEs and had a poor attendance record at high school.

When her youth mentor met her, Chloe had recently become sexually involved with a 35-year-old drug dealer, with whom she had moved in. He had a family and subsequently returned home, abandoning Chloe and leaving her feeling depressed and suicidal. Since the break-up there were frequent threats of violence from her ex’s partner. Chloe felt distraught and unable to leave the house without an adult.

A chance to get on track“I feel like I am finally getting somewhere, but most of all I have someone who is there for me day and night when I have things on my mind."

Chloe had weekly one-to-one sessions with her youth mentor, looking at ways of dealing with her personal life. The mentor supported Chloe to make a complaint about the harassment she was suffering, undertake sexual health screening and access treatment, and develop self-awareness, confidence and ways of communicating with family members.

After working with her mentor for four weeks, Chloe felt ready to engage with a local training provider and she began English, maths and functional skills courses with Brighter Futures at Sysco. It soon became apparent that she was struggling with anxiety around public transport and still felt threatened.

Her mentor agreed with Sysco that Chloe could continue to engage but until she felt safe, she could work from home with the support of her mentor. This continued for eight weeks and Chloe completed health and safety training, preparing for work, equality and diversity and other maths and English challenges.

Chloe continues to work with her mentors and is accessing a Shaw Trust programme that works on confidence and self-esteem and helps young people to feel more comfortable looking forward towards their goals.

*To protect identities, images of the young people are not specific to the stories and names have been changed.

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