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Veg Fest 2016

Welcome to Veg Fest, the fun growing competition that sees schools set up growing areas and gardening clubs. Through the competition, children learn about growing their own produce and where food comes from. The variety of vegetables they cultivate over the growing season are displayed and judged at a celebration event, where there's fun for everyone.

We have provided participating schools with a range of seeds and young plants to grow. As the Veg Fest event is in October, the crops that are judged at the event will just be the longer term-crops such as carrots, onions, pumpkins and  main crop potatoes. We would, however, like to see evidence of the other crops (which will have been harvested and used by the end of the summer) through the photos and children’s jottings in their garden journal and/or through something they make e.g. a relish or chutney.

This project has been commissioned by Public Health, Luton Borough Council, with further support from the John Laing Charitable Trust.

What schools say about Veg Fest:

‘Can I just say what a fantastic day the children had at the Veg Fest event.  It was well run, fun and engaging throughout!  Thank you. We found that being part of the Veg Fest event gave us a real focus throughout the year and as a school we have benefitted greatly from being part of it.’

Tracy Ballinger, Deputy head, Cheynes Infant School, Luton

What's on the blog?

This blog includes loads of information and helpful tips for growing various veg and flowers and how to become an RHS school. Enjoy!

What happens at the Veg Fest event? Click to see an outline of the event day.

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