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Employee Community Fund Eligibility

11 February 2019

Please review the priorities of the programme before confirming whether your group/organisation and project is eligible to apply for a grant.

In the interests of saving time for both you and the organisation, it is essential that we understand whether we can actually provide funding to the organisation and project before you start the application process.

The organisation you are proposing will need to be able to answer YES to the following questions before starting the process. Groundwork needs assurance that the organisation is set up to receive grant funding, has robust management and that the project will complete as intended. Before we award funding, Groundwork will request eligibility evidence from the organisation so it is essential that organisations know these requirements before you start the process. You will need to work with the organisation you are putting forward to complete this section.

Please complete the eligibility checklist included in the stage 1 application form.

Is the organisation you are putting forward a registered charity, voluntary organisation, community group, community facility, sports club, school or other organisation dedicated to community?
Does the organisation have a governing document in the name of the organisation? (e.g. a constitution)
Does the group’s management committee consist of at least 3 unrelated members?
Does the organisation have relevant insurance that covers the activities?
If it is a land improvement project that is not on the organisations land (e.g. a community allotment), does the organisation have the landowners permission to do the work?
If we award the organisation funding, will the project start within 3 months of the award, and complete within 12 months?
Does the organisation have a demonstrable track record of successfully delivering projects? Can they provide evidence?
The project is not religious or political in nature. (NB this doesn’t exclude projects coordinated by churches for the benefit of local communities)
Does the organisation commit to providing photos, case studies and completing monitoring information requests in a timely fashion?
Should the stage 1 application be successful, does the organisation commit to completing the stage 2 application and provide the evidence as needed to award funding?

If you have answered YES to all these questions, then you can move forward to complete a Stage 1 application form. If there are NO responses, please contact Groundwork via email before proceeding:


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