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11 February 2019

We know you have many interests so the priorities of the fund are very broad. The potential project ideas are suggestions and are not exhaustive. If you’re in doubt, please check with the grant management team at Groundwork by using this email address:

Priorities and Potential project ideas

Poverty and inequality - to help lift people out of poverty, alleviate the perils of hunger and provide support for people who face homelessness.

Environmental protection - to protect and restore soil, freshwater, forests and biodiversity.

Health and wellbeing - to ensure healthy lives and promote the physical and mental well-being of people at all ages.

Education and employment - Strengthen the UK workforce through high quality education, training and skills development.

Buildings and Facilities - Improve buildings that benefit the local community such as a Scout hut, church or village hall, changing facilities for sports.

Outdoor space - Developing outdoor space, play area, allotments, parks, school grounds, and woodland or wildlife areas

Community Cohesion - Help families or individuals from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds come together for mutual support and a common purpose

Social care - helping people with day-to-day living because of old age, illness or disability.


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