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Growing a low carbon economy and combatting climate change

24 March 2015

Making the transition to a low carbon economy is an increasingly urgent priority.Low carbon employment ranges from high-tech manufacturing to simple but vital roles such as increasingdomestic energy efficiency.

Groundwork has the skills and knowledge to help local areas achieve their low carbon ambitions. Environmental employment is at the heart of our mission, linking better life prospects with sustainable and thriving places.

We have a wealth of experience in developing and maintaining green infrastructure - the green spaces and waterways that underpin healthy ecosystems and make sure our towns and cities are sustainable and attractive for investment.

Green Teams - improving neighbourhoods and prospects

Our Green Teams enable unemployed people to carry out real and valuable environmental improvements in neighbourhoods, while learning new skills, gaining qualifications and enhancing employment prospects.

Green Teams are commissioned by local authorities, housing associations and other landowners to maintain open spaces but also, increasingly, to help local areas adapt to the impacts of climate change, reducing the risks of flood or storm damage by rethinking urban landscapes.

Green Doctor - keeping people safe and well through energy efficiency

Creating a low carbon economy and society means promoting greener behaviours. Our expert Green Doctors are working across the UK, offering advice and guidance on water, energy and resource efficiency at roadshows, community events and in the home, often to those who are most vulnerable and at risk of fuel poverty.

They help people to reduce their bills, maximise their income and provide practical support to ensure more people keep warm and stay well.

Keeping local businesses competitive

Helping businesses, in particular SMEs, reduce their costs by increasing their resource efficiency, has been a key element of our work for more than 25 years. We provide environmental consultancy and training, including carbon management, waste reduction and recycling, and sustainable procurement.

We also work with business communities to help them improve their surroundings through Business Improvement Districts and to benefit from a collaborative approach to logistics, security and purchasing.

Groundwork in Action - Antony's story

Antony is now employed as an apprentice on our 18 month Green Team programme where he's gaining practical horticulture and grounds maintenance experience. With Groundwork's support and these skills he's on his way to securing long term employment in this sector.

In London Groundwork Green Teams like Antony's are working with the landlords and residents of three housing estates to redesign green spaces to increase water retention capacity by 20,000 cubic metres, reducing the risk of flash flooding while increasing local biodiversity.

Groundwork in Action: Clare's story

Groundwork in Action: Faith Products

Faith Products produces skin and hair care products from natural sources that are healthy, not tested on animals and environmentally friendly. The support provided by Groundwork combined with their commitment to implementing efficiency savings led to savings of almost £20,000 in a single year.

This was achieved through a combination of improvements including better management of temperature controls and reducing electricity consumption. Switching to recycled plastic diverted 28 tonnes of plastic from landfill, while an investigation into leaner manufacturing resulted in over £12,000 of savings with a further £16,000 saved through production improvements.

"Working with Groundwork has been hugely rewarding in many ways.Groundwork is very competent technically, and provided many solutions to the problems we had. We enjoyed a great working relationship ... that furthered our aims of being a model company in the area of environmental initiatives." - Aaron Rose, Director, Faith Products


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