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Wasting less food

04 December 2013

We all throw away food that with a little more planning could have been eaten.

Every month the average family throws away £60 of food, mainly fruit and vegetables, drinks and bread. Wasting less food will:

1. Help lower our food bills
2. Stop harmful gases created as food rots in landfill sites

Check out our top tips below to find out how you can waste less food.

Top free food saving tips:

  • Check your fridge regularly and use items that are close to their use by date or put in the freezer for using later.
  • Freeze portions of food as soon as you get home from shopping to use later. Many things can be frozen - see this video for inspiration
  • Serve smaller portions. If your family is hungry they can have seconds- rather than leaving waste food on the plate. You can use this handy portion calculator to ensure you aren’t serving up too much food.
  • Freeze any left-overs from a meal. So you can use them for a quick meal later.
  • Keep vegetables in the fridge or if they are going soft make them into soup. Here are some handy recipe ideas.
  • Keep your fridge between 1-5°C - this helps you get the best from your food. 
  • Read labels carefully. “Best before” dates are suggestions for peak quality. Most foods can be safely eaten well after these dates. The important date is “use-by”: eat food by that date or check if you can freeze it.
  • Donate any unwanted canned and dry food. Local foodbanks are always looking for donations, find your nearest foodbank here.

For more ideas on how to reduce food waste visit the Love Food Hate Waste website 


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