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Groundwork Green Doctor Tyanna

Breaking the cycle of fuel-poverty deprivation

Posted on 07 February 2017

January may have seemed to go on for longer than the whole of 2016 put together, but we did it. February is finally here.

The great thing about the month of Feb – apart from Valentine’s Day obvs – is that it’s edging us that little bit closer to Spring. We are that tiny bit nearer to longer days, daffodils sprouting up and that feel-good feeling that everyone gets when it starts to get warmer. 

The problem is, is that when you look out the window, pull on another jumper and fight with your umbrella during the fifth rainstorm of the day, it’s hard to imagine that spring will ever be sprung again.  Despite the enjoyment that comes from shaking off the January blues and leaping head first into a February frenzy, one thing stands in the way – it’s still very cold.

Staying warm in winter is easier said than done for a some of the most vulnerable people in society. It’s not a simple case of turning the thermostat up a few degrees and staying toasty. For some people, it’s the worry of the figure on their winter energy bill that prevents them from staying warm in their own home.

Poorly insulated homes and drafty homes also are a hindrance of keeping properties warm as the sooner the heat leaves the radiator, it immediately leaves again. It’s a cycle of fuel poverty deprivation that some individuals are constantly stuck in.

Groundwork Green Doctors are independent energy experts that work across the UK to help households save money, energy and improve the health and wellbeing of indivuals who are living in fuel poverty. 

Tyanna is a Green Doctor who works in Wales who has seen first-hand the importance of why helping people to save money on their energy bills is so paramount to their health and wellbeing.

"As Green Doctor we go into a variety of houses and some are instantly cold when you walk in," said Tyanna.  

"Some people have two or three jumpers on, just so they don’t have to put the heating on."

As well as big ticket items such as advising on energy tariffs, they also show individuals the tricks of the trade that they can do to ensure households are energy efficient, such as fitting radiator reflectors, energy efficiency light bulbs and draft proofing homes can help to cut down on bills and save energy.

“It’s a great sense of satisfaction when you’ve gone into a person’s home and you’ve really helped them to reduce something and bring down their monthly costings and leave them with extra income to spend on more important things.”

In order to help households cut down on energy and save money, Groundwork has created some videos of simple tips, hints and how-to guides, with everything from switching energy suppliers to swapping to energy efficient light bulbs. 

Watch the videos below:

For more information about Green Doctors click here.