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Fast Stream youth day

Graduates making an impact

Posted on 19 April 2017

A team of nine graduates on the Civil Service Fast Stream have been supporting Groundwork over the past six months as part of their corporate objective to give back to society. The team have been working across their departments to support Groundwork through a range of fundraising and volunteering activities with a focus on developing green spaces and improving the prospects of disadvantaged young people.

On Friday 24th March 2017, the graduates volunteered their skills and their time to host a youth day at Whitehall to introduce students from a local school to the possibility of a career in the Civil Service.

Graduates welcomed eight GCSE students from Quintin Kynaston School along with Groundwork Achievement Coaches and the school's Career Advisor for a day packed with workshops and activities to engage students in the basics of what the Civil Service do as well as the range of routes into work, from the Fast Stream to the Fast Track Apprenticeship programme.

Whitehall youth day

Activities on the day included a disaster management task; a Whitehall walking tour detailing key history; an introduction to all areas of the Civil Service and its equality and diversity policies and a question and answer session with young apprentices.

Whitehall youth tour

The day gave young people the opportunity to learn about the Civil Service and consider it as a real option for the future.

Student Levi said: “I liked the tasks, I found it very interesting to decide what we would do in a disaster situation, and then be told how to properly do it further on in the programme.

“Before today I knew very little about the Civil Service, and after today, I think it could be a career option for me in the future, so it was very helpful.

“It was helpful to hear them talk about graphic design in the end, because it showed me how I could use my skills in different contexts and really see this as a career option.”

Graduates on the Civil Service Fast Stream have been supporting Groundwork through a range of fundraising activities over the past six months including office bake sales, getting involved in Go Green for Groundwork day and running collections at London Underground stations, successfully raising over £500.

As well as volunteering their skills to improve prospects of young people, the team have taken part in practical volunteering to develop green spaces in local communities.

Groundwork works with graduate teams to deliver meaningful social action projects that guarantee professional development opportunities.

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