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Deutsche Bank growing green beans

Increasing your Green Team's profile

Posted on 12 July 2016

We’ve really enjoyed working with the Birmingham Deutsche Bank Green Team. This small group of passionate staff understands that recycling and making green choices isn’t top of priority for many of their colleagues. By running activities such as green bean competitions and ‘dress green’ days, they are making the environment fun and keeping it on the agenda.

And it’s working, they really are engaging their colleagues to think more green and minimise waste in their large Brindley Place offices.

As an international company, Deutsche Bank has a portfolio of about 4,000 office buildings, bank branches and other real estate properties. Since these account for approximately 80 percent of their total CO2 emissions, it makes sense to reduce their environmental footprint wherever possible.

If your green team would like to work with Groundwork, please get in touch by emailing Sarah Reece-Mills, Partnerships Director or calling 0121 236 8565.