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Groundwork - making an impact

Posted on 11 November 2013

As the pressure on public funding continues, Groundwork is making a measurable difference to people and places across Britain, its latest Impact Report reveals.

Partnerships with major private and public sector organisations have seen investment worth more than £100 million delivered in communities.

In the year 2012/13 across Britain, Groundwork:

• Delivered £107 million investment into communities
• Supported 425,000 days of community action by individuals
• Improved or maintained 10 million square metres of land
• Planted 327,000 trees
• Helped 4,500 people into training, education or employment
• Delivered 7,000 qualifications
• Prevented 155,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions
• Diverted 80,000 tonnes of waste from landfill

Groundwork UK Chief Executive Sir Tony Hawkhead said: “The numbers in themselves are impressive, but it is the human stories behind those figures that inspire us to continue working in so many of our most challenged and challenging communities.

“The 16-year-old who feels like she’s finally getting somewhere having left school with no GCSEs. The vulnerable householder at risk of fuel poverty but now better able to control his home energy use. The ex-offender who feels like he now has a reason to turn away from crime. The volunteer who feels a sense of pride in doing something practical for communities.

“Add to these stories the physical spaces we have transformed and it becomes clear that our ability to combine national expertise with a strong local presence is a potent force for good.

“We want to continue to aim high. Groundwork has pledged that by 2015 it will have created or improved 1,000 green spaces, helped 100,000 households out of fuel poverty and guided 10,000 people into employment, education or training.

“We are well on course to make good on these commitments, backing up our mission to change places and change lives. Partnerships are key to all this work and as local authorities and government agencies cut their budgets we are calling on businesses and individuals to help us plug the gaps that are appearing in support for green space, energy efficiency and community development.”

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