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Groundwork releases Annual Review 2015

Posted on 02 December 2015

Environmental charity, Groundwork, has today released its annual review for 2015.

The review outlines the impact that Groundwork has had over the last year. The charity invested £80 million in communities across the UK, and improved and maintained 26 million square metres of land benefiting nearly half a million people. It has also stimulated 250,000 days of voluntary action by adults and young people and supported 5,000 people into training, education or employment.

Groundwork has helped groups around the country to improve 700 green spaces, improving people’s health and wellbeing and combatting the impacts of climate change.

The review also points to the impact Groundwork has had on people's lives. Meryem, who was at risk of failing her GCSEs until she received one-to-one mentoring from a Groundwork Achievement Coach is now getting the grades she is capable of. Clare is now better able to keep warm and save money during the winter thanks to a visit from a Groundwork Green Doctor. Thanks to an apprenticeship with one of Groundwork’s Green Teams, Antony overcame a difficult childhood and increased his chances of securing long-term employment.

Antony said: “Half of the kids who leave care end up homeless, on drugs or dead. When I left care I ended up homeless, on drugs and half way to being dead. You just need that one thing to get you on the right track and that’s what this apprenticeship with Groundwork is to me. I feel like I can walk with my head held high. I just wanted someone to listen to me. Groundwork listened to me, they’re helping me. This is like a second chance for me – a chance to show what I can do.”

The Groundwork annual review also sets out the charity's future strategy, Groundwork 2020, outlining the plans and targets to ensure that it continues to improve people’s prospects, create better places and promote greener living and working in the communities over the next five years.

For further information, contact Beth Stafford, Digital Communications & Fundraising Assistant on 0121 236 8565.