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Groundwork’s guide to a tip-top Bank Holiday weekend

Posted on 18 April 2019

Easter is great for many things. Well, chocolate mainly. But another bonus is that for most us it marks a lovely long weekend.

Not sure how to make the most of the days, entertain the kids or you want to try something new? Read our handy guide below in order for you to maximise all things fun, green and outdoors this Easter!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunts are always a winner - with people of all ages! If you’re planning one with family or friends, why not ask local neighbours if they want to join in and make it a community affair? You may find that your local area is already hosting an event that you could go to also.

You could even get into the Easter spirit even further and ask participants to hop instead of walking. When chocolate is on offer it’s amazing what people will do!

Make an Easter bonnet

Get arty! Easter bonnets are always a fab way of keeping kiddies entertained and to get creative. While it’s always best for the environment to reuse materials to ensure you’re your bonnet oh-so fabulous, many shops sell bonnet sets that come with a hat and decorations or websites such as Pinterest always have ideas if you fancy a big arty challenge! 

The only way is upcycling

Bank Holidays are notorious for DIY shenanigans. But before you attempt to retile the bathroom, put up a shelf or embark on the epic journey that is putting IKEA furniture together, why not spruce up an item of furniture that you already have?

Upcycling gives furniture a new lease of life and look. Not only does it help the purse strings, but it also helps the environment as less waste is sent to landfill.

It could be as simple as a splash of paint on a coffee table or changing the knobs on a wardrobe or a total refurb of a TV cabinet or reupholstering your dining room chairs. Have a go and see what you can do! Check out how Groundwork in London has made some amazing furniture through their Repurpose project. 

Spring clean (indoors!)

Spring is here – believe it or not! While we are all not embracing short sleeve t-shirts and sunglasses just yet we hopefully soon will be. So why not have a sift through your wardrobe and see what clothes you could donate? Or even upcycle? While the idea of spring cleaning is never fun in principle, in practice it can be a great way to free up space – and a good declutter is good for the soul!

Grow something!

According to tradition, Good Friday is apparently THE day to plant potatoes as temperatures are generally still cool but soil is soft enough to encourage spud growth. But if you don’t fancy growing tatties, you could always try something simpler such as herbs or some basic bedding plants (you can pick these up at most supermarkets and garden centres for relatively cheap).

You could even get the whole family (or even neighbours!) involved and see who can grow the biggest sunflower over the summer months?

Plan your spring garden or greenspace

Whether you have a huge garden or a window box, there are options to bring the benefits and enjoyment of gardening into your life. Our Community and Health and Wellbeing Ambassador, Mark Lane, has written a handy guide to get you started! 

Explore your local – or not so local – park or greenspace

The fab thing about parks is that they have no age range – they are good for people of all ages! Whether it’s having a go on the swings, a romantic walk with a partner, having a kick-about with friends, or maybe having the first ice-cream of the year, parks provide options for outdoor fun. It’s one of the many reasons we at Groundwork love them so much.

You could even try going a bit further afield and explore a park that you haven’t been to? You may even find that parks by you have Easter celebrations happening, such as Easter egg hunts.  Do some local online research and most importantly – have fun!

Nature walk

Whether it’s identifying birds, bugs, trees or even leaves, a nature walk provides fun for everyone. Not only will it help to keep you fit, but it allows kids (and people who are young at heart!) to get a bit muddy and learn more about the nature around them.

This could be at your local park or wildlife reserve or farm. Pop on your wellies and see what you can find!


Try the new trend of jogging whilst picking up plastic and litter! Alone or in a group, jog around looking for litter, keep jogging on the spot as you pick up (making sure you have gloves/littler pickers and bags to collect).

Make a bug hotel

A great family activity is to encourage wildlife in your garden and make a home for bugs. This film is a step-by-step guide to making the perfect home for all things creepy crawly! 

Exercise – for free!

Whether that’s a bike ride or a walk around the park – get outdoors and have fun! 

Don’t forget…

To check out local newspapers, news sites, and social media to see what’s happening in your local area! Many local events tend to be free so why not take advantage – and maybe meet some new people in the process!