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It all adds up

Posted on 20 January 2014

We have been crunching  the numbers and have come up with some impressive figures regarding our achievements over the past ten years.

Between 2003 and 2013 Groundwork:

  • Delivered approximately 65,000 projects
  • Planted 1.4 million trees
  • Improved 164 million square metres of land
  • Maintained 363 million square metres of land
  • Organised 5.1 million days of volunteering and community action by adults and young people – that equates to approximately 14,000 years
  • Created around 40,000 jobs

As we often say, our work is about much more than the hard statistics; it’s about the human and environmental stories behind the numbers.

However, these figures give you a good idea of how many places and how many lives we have changed over the last decade. 

Read more about our impact here.