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Lily the cow

Lily joins the CowParade for Groundwork

Posted on 21 July 2016

Lily the cow has joined the Surrey Cow Parade, sponsored jointly between Skanska and John Laing who have nominated Groundwork to benefit from her auction proceeds. Lily can be found in Woking’s Jubilee Square for those keen to spot her. 

Lily is the creation of Sneaky Raccoon, the artist name of London based freelance Graphic Illustrator and Designer, Anna Mullin, who specialises in the areas of bespoke illustration with a focus on animals and nature. 

Sneaky Raccoon said:

”Lily is named after the rare water lilies that are naturally found growing in conservation areas of Woking. My design features a subtle graphic message in the form of a heart which is intended to be seen by the birds above or those tall enough to notice. It is a suggestion of unity between nature and the people, which also serves as a positive message for the multi-cultural community of Woking.” 

CowParade is the world’s largest public art event which is seeing lots of brightly decorated fibreglass cows placed in popular landmarks across the county during the Summer. The idea is that each cow is sponsored by a business, school or charity and decorated by a local artist. The cows are put out to graze and dotted around Surrey until the end of August for all to see. 

Graham Duxbury, CEO of Groundwork said: 

“We are grateful to Skanska and John Laing for donating the money that is raised from Lily’s sale to Groundwork to help us to continue to improve people’s prospects and change lives across the UK. 

“It’s wonderful to be involved in such a fun, creative event such as the Surrey Cow Parade that showcases Lily in all her technicolour glory while raising money for a good cause. We hope Lily brings a smile to the faces of the many people she will meet along her journey.” 

Paul Bannister, Skanska Investment Director said:

"We are delighted to be supporting Surrey Hills CowParade. We are upgrading and maintaining street lighting and providing facilities management services on behalf of Surrey County Council. Our engineering business is also based in Woking, so many of our team are local people.  Our cow, designed by artist Sneaky Raccoon, will raise funds for Groundwork and the Surrey Hills Trust Fund, both local charities established to conserve and regenerate local community projects."