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Network Rail volunteering

Network Rail volunteers improving biodiversity

Posted on 02 December 2016

On 24 November, a group of six Network Rail employees volunteered with Groundwork to improve biodiversity in and around the Olympic Park. 

The day began with introductions and some quick stretches to get the blood pumping before beginning the task of building bird feeders and bug hotels for Hackney’s local schools and parks and for Groundwork London project, Mobile Garden City

The team brought along a range of recycled materials to structure their creations with, including empty bottles, wooden utensils, piping, containers and tins. Sawing and drilling the materials together in pairs, they brought their designs to life – with the occasional tea break to keep warm!

The bird feeders and bug hotels that the team built will help to maintain biodiversity by creating habitats for insect species that play an important role in contributing to the ecosystem.

Each member of the team painted their creations to add their own unique and personal touch, before being judged by their peers for the most creative design at their very own awards ceremony complete with prizes. 

Network rail volunteering 

Network Rail volunteering

Jackie Hecker, Community Team Intern said: “It was a fun-filled day – thanks so much to the energetic Network Rail volunteers who put their all into making beautiful bird feeders and insect hotels to help maintain biodiversity in and around the Olympic Park!”