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DHL UK Foundation and Groundwork Launch

New sensory and play space transformed thanks to the DHL UK Foundation

Posted on 06 October 2016

It was smiles all round when the newly transformed  sensory and place space area was unveiled at the Five Children and Families Trust Centre thanks to funding from the DHL UK Foundation – Transform It! programme.

The programme, run in partnership with Groundwork, helps to fund projects that benefit disadvantaged young people across the UK. DHL staff can apply for grants of up to £10,000 as well as enlisting the help of their fellow DHL employees to volunteer their support on the project.

The grant was a welcome gift to The Five Children and Families Trust Centre and has allowed for the space to be transformed into an area that can be used for play, parties and functions. The teamfrom DHL Renway, together with centre volunteers and staff, spent hours removing the old play area and making area fit for purpose and transforming an office into a state of the art sensory room for local children and babies to use.

DHL UK Foundation and GroundworkDHL UK Foundation and GroundworkDHL UK Foundation and GroundworkDHL UK Foundation and Groundwork

Bill Montgomery of DHL, who applied for the grant said: “Transform It! has really lived up to its name. This is the second grant from DHL UK Foundation that has been awarded to the Centre which is the social hub for many of the residents in the area, providing child care and family support.

"As funding cuts are made it is very important that we are able to support such a worthwhile centre which the local community would be lost without.

"The Transform It! grant will ensure that the centre is able to provide the services that are so desperately needed in an area where there is nothing else around."

A delighted Sue Roberts Programme Director of Five Children and Families Centre added: "This is the second Groundwork Transform It! grant that has been awarded to the Centre by the DHL UK Foundation and again a massive change has been made to the building which was a library before the Five Children and Families took over the building.

"Without the help and support of the Team at DHL Renway we would not have such an inviting centre for the community that we have now. We will now be able to provide services and community support which are so vital to the area for the foreseeable future."

 For more information about the DHL UK Foundation – Transform It programme click here.