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Pocket park delight for communities across the UK

Posted on 15 February 2016

Environmental charity, Groundwork have welcomed the news that nearly 90 areas of unused green space are to be turned into pocket parks for local communities following an announcement made today by the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Community groups across the country have been awarded funding of up to £15,000 to create an exciting, vibrant area that fits their community’s needs.

The pocket parks will provide local people, especially those who do not have access to green space, with the means to create an area to relax, grow and provide a safe area for children to play.

Pocket parks are small areas of land in busy cities that are built and designed to provide people with limited access to green space with a place to enjoy the benefits of regular access to the outdoors.

Ensuring communities have access to quality green space is a cause that Groundwork champions and knows first-hand the positive effect that regular access to parks and outdoor space can have on individuals and communities.

A recent study showed that that 91% of people believe that open spaces improve quality of life – so this kind of initiative is something that Groundwork knows will improve the lives of potentially thousands of people.

Speaking on the announcement, Groundwork UK CEO, Graham Duxbury said: “Every year Groundwork helps hundreds of thousands of people of all ages to organise and work together to protect, preserve, improve or create green spaces on their doorstep. 

“We’re delighted the government is supporting communities and councils to do more.  For many local groups, improving the park at the end of their street is the first step in getting much more involved in how their neighbourhood is run.” 

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