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Show winter who's boss

Posted on 08 December 2014

Groundwork is launching its ‘Show winter who’s boss’ campaign today to raise awareness of the things people can do to keep warm, stay well and save money on their fuel bills this winter.

The campaign follows the publication of recent YouGov research that shows that energy bills are the number one financial concern for households but 66% of people think there’s nothing they can do about their rising cost.

For some of the 6.5 million people living in fuel poverty high fuel bills can mean a choice between eating or heating. In extreme cases not being able to keep your home warm enough can be life threatening - in 2012 it played a large role in the 31,000 excess winter deaths that year.

Helping the most vulnerable in society keep warm in their own homes is one of Groundwork’s key aims and the charity operates a network of ‘Green Doctors’ – energy efficiency experts providing tailored advice to those living with fuel poverty. Businesses, housing associations and local authorities will all be encouraged to support Green Doctors so even more people can benefit from the service.

Green Doctors help those most in need to use energy and water more efficiently and safeguard against ill health by providing practical support that helps them to keep warm and stay well. Each service is designed as a package of energy efficiency, money saving advice and support.

Last year, Groundwork Green Doctors visited over 33,000 homes across the UK saving each household an average of £300.