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Quiz! What type of bee are you?

Posted on 10 July 2017

Today is  'Don't Step on a Bee Day' – a great cause to help preserve some of natures most valued species.

Did you know that there are over 250 varieties of bees across the UK? Take our quiz and discover which out of these familiar three you are most like…

1.      You are walking down the road and accidently tread in chewing gum – how do you react?

A)     Make a loud noise in protest – then go off and buy some flowers to cheer yourself up

B)     Shrug and head off home – you would rather be in your bedroom anyway

C)     Snapchat your thousands of friends to tell them


2.      You are stuck in a lift and need help - what do you do?

A)     Make a buzzing sound like your life depends on it

B)     Sit in a corner in contentment and enjoy the peace and quiet

C)     Don’t worry – you know one of your mates will be along soon to help you out


3.      How do you make your grand entrance at a party?

A)     By making as much noise as possible while having petals thrown over you

B)     You don’t - you simply hide in a bush until 9pm then go home

C)     With your mates – doing a synchronised dance routine, naturally.


4.      What is your signature song?

A)     Anything played on a harmonica

B)     Me, Myself and I – Beyoncé

C)     With a Little Help From my Friends – The Beatles


5.      And finally, what topping do you have on your toast?

A)     Elderflower jam

B)     Whatever is in the cupboard – you don’t want to have to go to the shop and risk talking to people

C)     Honey. Obviously!


Mostly A’s – Bumble Bee

You are a happy kinda bee – and you want the world to know! Bumblebee’s work hard to pollenate flowers and like you, enjoy a sing-song to get through the day. Go you!

Mostly B’s – Solitary Bee

While some Solitary bees live in small colonies, a large majority of them don’t – and you appreciate that. It’s not that you’re a loner; you just like your own space and company. You’re very much content in being bee, myself and me.

Mostly C’s – Honey Bee

Like a Honeybee, you enjoy being with your friends. Honeybees live in colonies of over 80,000 and you aspire to have that many chums. After all – it’s great to have a mate!

Share your results and talk to us at @groundworkuk 

To find out more about ‘Don’t Step on a Bee Day' check out the hashtag on Twitter! #dontsteponabeeday