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About Groundwork

We're passionate about creating a future where everywhere is vibrant and green, every community is strong and able to shape its own destiny and where everyone can reach their potential.

The community charity with a green heart

Groundwork began as a simple idea: if communities help the environment, the environment will help communities.

This is still our approach today. By bringing people and the environment together with practical local action, we have an impact that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Every year we help communities through thousands of these projects across the UK. Projects that include:

What we do

The most effective and lasting solutions are usually created at the local level in partnership with local people and organisations. This means that the mix of activities we carry out will vary from place to place to meet the specific needs of that community.

More often than not this activity will focus on one or more of our three main areas of work:

Find out more about what we do:

Groundwork Youth

We are looking for passionate, perceptive, committed young people from across the UK to join us.

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Groundwork Community Awards 2018

The Community Awards honour community groups making a big difference to our quality of life.

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Apply for a grant

Groundwork manages a number of grant schemes to help you to make your project a reality.

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Our 2020 pledges

By 2020 Groundwork has pledged to improve people's prospects, create better places and promote greener living and working

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Project showcase

Groundwork works with communities to make thousands of projects a reality every year. Here's just a taste.

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Groundwork was established over three decades ago as a radical experiment to bring together communities, businesses and government.

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My Groundwork story

Hear stories about places and lives that we have changed for the better.

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Major Projects

Learn more about our major projects and partnerships.

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