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Unlocking potential

Education, training and work

We’ve always known that being in fulfilling work is a major factor in helping people to stay well and happy and enabling them to put something back into society.  We also know there is much work to be done to make local communities better places to live and to tackle some of the big challenges like fuel poverty and climate change.

No one should be disadvantaged because of where they live or because of their background.  We want to stop talent and lives from being wasted due to long-term unemployment or a poverty of aspiration.  We are committed to working in every corner of the UK to give young people the best start in life and to open up new opportunities in the job market.

Building skills and experience

Our specialist teams provide a wide range of support to young people in and out of school and to jobseekers looking to develop new skills and get back into work. This work ranges from coaching young people at risk of underachieving in the classroom to addressing the personal issues of people recently released from prison.

We are skilled at matching formal learning, training and qualifications with practical projects and activities that give people a sense of personal achievement while delivering practical benefits to local communities.  Our Green Teams provide a safe and structured approach for young people to learn practical skills while working to improve local environments or manage open spaces and many are now working under contract to councils, housing associations and private landowners.

We are also focused on opening up new opportunities for green skills and jobs, whether by supporting social enterprises dealing with waste and recycling or by helping major companies to recruit trainees and apprentices.  We deliver a range of contracts for governments, local authorities and private companies but always with an eye on ensuring that people get the support and supervision they need and that the training and jobs they are doing contribute to building more sustainable local economies.

 Find out more about our national employment products and programmes using the links below:

Building Better Opportunities: 'Progress'

Helping to support NEET young people across Coventry and Warwickshire.

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The Careers and Enterprise Fund

Enterprise Camp for unemployed young people to develop skills & engage employers.

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A brighter future for young people

We're giving young people the tools they need to succeed and to contribute to their communities.

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Green Teams

Our green teams improve neighbourhoods at the same time as offering skills and experience to help people into work.

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On Track (Youth Contract)

Support for 16 and 17 year-olds to help them to get On-Track

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Achievement Coaches

Achievement Coaches are improving prospects by offering personalised support to young people that are, or are at risk of being, NEET .

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