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Local Enterprise Partnerships

Local Enterprise Partnerships artist impression of regeneration project

Ensure your activity has the maximum impact

We share your passion for creating thriving places, building strong local economies and making sure people have the skills they need to find meaningful work.

 "What Groundwork offered us was a way of connecting with the community to work out what they actually needed, and that having invested the money up front there would be some sort of commitment and ownership in the community."

Mike Barry, Marks & Spencer

Our established track record of helping people living in disadvantaged areas connect with economic opportunity means we're experts in helping local areas address today’s toughest issues. Whether it's building skills among those furthest from the labour market, creating attractive and productive environments or rebooting local economies in preparation for a low carbon future - we have the tools to help you meet your objectives.

A trusted partner
Groundwork has it's roots in your communities but working strategically with public, private and third sector partners has been fundamental to our ethos for over 30 years.  

Make your investment work harder
This approach works. Joining up social, environmental and economic impact provides value for money - an analysis by Sheffield Hallam University1 found that every pound invested in Groundwork projects provided another £2 worth of benefits.

We can help you to:

Connect business and communities to benefit both

Ensure local people have the right skills to succeed

Create thriving greener places and prepare for a low carbon future

1CRESR and eftec (2010). Assessing the value and benefits of Groundwork

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Or contact Sarah-Reece-Mills, Head of Partnerships
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