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Collect it, Sow it, Grow it!

We are a team of enthusiastic young people and adults that have created a community wildflower nursery in the Coquetdale village of Rothbury. We want more people to engage with and learn about wildlife. We collect and grow wildflower seed with great success.
The plants will be transplanted to various sites in Northumberland with four main aims:
1) Upland Hay Meadows - key species missing from many BAP habitat sites in Northumberland including Wood Cranesbill, Great Burnett and Lady's Mantle.
2) Verges and pollinators - improve grassy verges in Coquetdale for pollinators with nectar-rich plants such as Field Scabious, Common Knapweed, Meadow Cranesbill, Wild Angelica, Betony and Vetches.
3) Community wildlife gardens – planting attractive local provenance wildflowers in community gardens commissioned by Groundwork.
4) Whin Grassland - a unique habitat supporting rare plants such as Purple Milk Vetch and Maiden Pinks. These plants have become genetically isolated. We will collect seed from different whin sites, and grow plants on in mixed populations. This facilitates cross-pollinisation to produce seed with more diverse genetics.
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