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Great Glen for Growing

" I would walk 100 miles......."

We believe in this that is why we are walking COAST to COAST through the Great Glen from Inverness to Fort William almost 100 miles!

Collaborative gardening and vegtable growing is a fabulous way to help older people keep active, eat healthily and reduces social isolation. Supported gardening sessions at The Active Green Living allotment project in Ashington provides gardening opportunities for new gardeners and for people to continue gardening that can no longer manage a whole garden on their own or have lost their gardens because they have moved into more accessible housing. Active Green Living has a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of participants. In particular, the project connects older people with others in the community, reducing isolation. Those involved in the project increase their levels of physical activity and this has an impact in their everyday lives.
“I was attracted to the project because of the companionship. I enjoy anything outdoors– it keeps me fit and mobile. I’ve always enjoyed gardening and this enables me to keep going”.
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£15.00 Anonymous06 June 2017 Anonymous has donated £15.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Mrs Sara Holdcroft03 June 2017 Mrs Sara Holdcroft has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Miss Lucy Walker02 June 2017 Youre doing amazingly well...almost there! Keep going!
£20.00 Mr Jonathan Nicholls01 June 2017 Well done Leanne!
£10.00 Mrs Carrol Hessey26 May 2017 Fantastic cause Leanne, and good luck with your LOVE Northumberland application, Carrol
£10.00 Mr Robert Smith25 May 2017 Enjoy yourselves from Isobell
£25.00 Anonymous25 May 2017 Good Luck. Best wishes from Nanny &Mark
£10.00 Anonymous23 May 2017 Anonymous has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Anonymous22 May 2017 Anonymous has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£15.00 Mr Robert Smith22 May 2017 What a geat cause
£25.00 Mrs Megan Nicholls08 May 2017 Go Leanne!!! With love from California x
£20.00 Mrs Ann Fell08 May 2017 Good luck! Hope all goes well
£10.00 Miss Joanne Saunders08 May 2017 Good luck :) x
£50.00 Ms Christine Nicholls08 May 2017 Im very proud of you!
£20.00 Ms Kate Culverhouse23 March 2017 Good luck !
£10.00 Mr Nigel Orr23 March 2017 Have Fun!
£30.00 Mrs Kay Bradshaw23 March 2017 Mrs Kay Bradshaw has donated £30.00 to your appeal