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Our vision & values

Our vision is that by 2020 out trust will be a local organisation which provides opportunities and services to support local communities to be: vibrant, thriving and sustainable.
Creating sustainable communities means developing initiatives which cut across economic, social and environmental issues. Our work is diverse, but all of it helps to achieve our vision.

The Groundwork approach:

  • Start local
  • Put the right tools in people’s hands
  • Engage with everyone who has a stake in a place
  • Address as many issues as possible with the same investment

Our latest business plan sets out our vision for the year ahead and beyond. Have a read and see how you or your organisation can partner with us over the coming months. With your support we can have an even greater impact in changing places and lives.

2018/19 Business Plan

Our core values underpin everything we do. They are the practices we use every day and form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves as Groundwork staff members. Our core values are:

Respect: We are polite, extend courtesy indiscriminately and are willing to show consideration or appreciation.

Empathy: We go out of our way to help someone adapt to new circumstances. We show appreciation for cultural differences and can articulate the needs and feelings of others.

Courage: We stand up for what is right even when it is not popular. We show self-discipline, demonstrate persistence and know the difference between risk taking and recklessness.

Responsibility: We take positive control of our own behaviour, are on time, prepared and ready to work. We take positive actions to protect and preserve the environment.

Honesty: We are trustworthy, sincere and truthful. We are fair, loyal and reliable, and demonstrate moral and ethical principles.

Protecting the security and privacy of data is important to us. Our Information Security Policy sets out how we do this.

Our Safeguarding Statement explans what our organisation does to to keep children and vulnerable adults safe.