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Health partners

Good community based health services are about providing well evidenced and clearly evaluated health outcomes that represent savings to local health budgets. Groundwork and the wider voluntary sector has a key role to play in offering cost effective, non-clinical solutions to some of our burgeoning health challenges. The link between increased physical and social activity and improved mental wellbeing is well evidenced and is something that Groundwork has built a programme of activity around.

Groundwork projects are cross-cutting – we join up different agendas and deliver multiple outcomes. For example, one of our local community food growing projects has helped people become more active, eat healthier, gain voluntary experience and get new qualifications to add to their CV. We use the environment as a tool to help people make healthier choices and deliver improved social and economic prospects.

Groundwork brings a holistic approach to improving resident Health and Wellbeing, we specialise in the delivering of community based provision that embeds health improvements into personal development, social mobility and green space development programmes. Groundwork offers an approach that is based around community development, in accessible community locations, that is bespoke to particular communities and their needs. We are an integral part of the local Voluntary Community Sector and offer linkages to partners and work streams that could offer significant opportunities for health improvements, but have not traditionally been utilised.


To find out more contact Vicki Devonport, Executive Director:
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