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Housing providers

Just like you, we want neighbourhoods where tenants feel proud and people want to live. Groundwork can work with your tenants to help them live more affordably; heating their home for less, growing their own food, developing new skills and finding employment.

Our focus is on changing places and changing lives and we have been able to demonstrate how this works on the ground through partnerships with a number of housing providers. Groundwork projects join up different agenda to deliver multiple outcomes – for example ‘Green Teams’ combine improving green spaces with training, personal development and help with finding a job.

We run a number of volunteer, training and employment programmes to enable residents to meet new people, increase their confidence levels and find the right career path. We also train people to become energy advisers in their own community – helping tenants to reduce their fuel bills, maximise their income and change their behaviour to ensure they feel the benefit from schemes such as Green Deal and ECO.

Groundwork can work in partnership with you and your tenants to make the most of outdoor spaces. That may mean a maintenance programme of existing green spaces or a project to redesign an area to better meet residents’ needs.

We deliver innovative projects with many advantages for you and your tenants.


To find out more contact Phil Treaton, Neighbourhood Services Manager:
Call 0161 624 1444 or email

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