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Talent Match

The Talent Match programme was co-designed with young people and with our Youth Panel are at the heart of the decision-making process. This ensures the Talent Coaches have a deeper understanding of the needs of the young people they work with and of the support they require throughout the programme.

Our Talent Coaches are trained to provide a holistic and highly personalised approach that supports young people to overcome their practical, and personal, barriers to employment: these barriers range from substance mis-use; mental/physical health issues; those leaving care; young people who are carers; lone parents and ex-offenders.

Working in partnership with the Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation, Talent Coaches work closely with a large list of employers who offer exclusive volunteer and training opportunities to those on the Talent Match programme.

In the Greater Manchester area, there are just under 12,000 18-24 year olds claiming out of work benefits. Additionally, there are just over 25,000 ‘hidden’ young people aged 16-24, who are unemployed but not claiming benefits. This suggests that there are approximately a staggering 37,543 unemployed young people in Greater Manchester.

Talent Match aims to utilise this information to reduce the number of young people claiming benefits and boost employment in the Greater Manchester area.