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Local Authorities

The three main areas of our work – improving people’s prospects, creating better places, and promoting greener living and working – are closely aligned to the priorities of our local authority partners. Many Groundwork projects cut across more than one of these areas and in so doing, meeting the needs of the local people whilst delivering more for less.

Groundwork delivers local projects and services to help people acquire the skills, confidence and networks to improve their own prospects and to find work. We also help people cope with the impacts of rising bills, working strategically with councils to tackle fuel poverty and optimise household income.

We run a number of programmes for young people, helping to combat anti-social behaviour, raise attainment levels and get them involved in improving their local community. Groundwork is also a facilitator and management agent for local asset transfers such as green spaces and community buildings.

We can operate at all levels, from working with parish and town councils to raise funds for neighbourhood projects through to multi-year agreements or major master-planning initiatives with local authorities. We also work with contracted service providers, adding local knowledge, community links, social value and sustainability expertise, to bring about sustainable change.

Each local authority within our geographical area is represented on our Board of Trustees and helps to drive forward the strategic direction of the Trust. Groundwork has a vested interest in the social, economic and environmental success of each borough we serve. Effective partnerships with local authority staff at all levels are vital to this success.


To find out more contact Teresa Jennings, Operations Director:

Call 0161 624 1444 or email