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MoU Signing

In May 2017 Groundwork BBOR's Executive Director, Vicki Devonport, was one of the signatories of an historic MoU between the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector and the GM Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).

With the most advanced city-region devolution deal, around a third of public spending in Greater Manchester is now controlled locally. This includes control of a £6bn health and social care budget since 2016, managed by a partnership of local authorities and statutory bodies, the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.


This MoU sets out shared priorities between the VCSE and HSCP, outlining work that is underpinned by £1.1m in funding to the sector until 2021. This agreement is based on a number of shared ambitions:

  • A step change in the understanding and involvement of people and
  • Better services and greater support for the public.
  • The development of Local Care Organisations with highly bespoke local place-based characteristics
  • Increased mutual learning and continuous professional development
  • Increased leverage of the talent, capacity and social value of VCSE organisations above and beyond whatever is commissioned from it
  • Effective development of VCSE activity.

Groundwork across GM welcomes the MOU as it makes a clear statement regarding the value, uniqueness and flexibility  of third sector partners across GM in helping improve lives in the areas in which we deliver services.


Groundwork across GM is well-connected and organised and eager to become more involved. We have a strong track record and can evidence our ability to work strategically at pace and scale and deliver to a high quality.  Our greatest focus is on the needs of the individual - helping them to overcome barriers and fulfil their potential. Where possible, we link personal development with community development – delivering projects that support local groups; bring different ages together; and increase pride, wellbeing and community resilience.


For adults, we offer training and voluntary opportunities that get people active, develop new skills and encourage local people to meet others from their community. Our projects often encourage people to grow their own food and get closer to the natural environment – both proven mechanisms to deliver health and wellbeing outcomes.


We work with local authorities, contractors, and health partners, social and private landlords to tackle fuel poverty across multiple communities. Having a warm home is one of the most important influencing factors of having a happy, healthy life. A cold home can lead to ill-health and depression for people of all ages.


Through the GM MOU there is potential to increase and expand our sector’s contribution and connect it to that of the public sector. It’s about new ways of tacking the same old problems  by collaborating, learning from each other and being able to work at scale across Greater Manchester and within every locality.