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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key part of what we do and how we do things. We work with people and organisations that share our values and approach in order to change places and change lives for the better.

Our values are:

Local delivery: Our role as a local development and delivery organisation remains paramount and we will maximise investment in the delivery of local projects and services.

Social justice: we will deliver change in our more marginalised communities: improving open spaces; tackling worklessness and low skills; changing behaviour and building confidence and cohesion.

Environmental sustainability: we will deliver social and economic regeneration in a way which promotes environmentally responsible behaviour among individuals, communities and business communities.

Reciprocity & Partnership: we will recognise the strengths of other organisations and will contribute to partnerships at all levels. We will support others and ask for support when needed and will work together with others to achieve the best outcome for all.

Learning: we are an organisation that learns from ourselves and our partners and we will continue to use this learning to help shape improved policy and practice.

Innovation & Creative Thinking: we will find solutions to problems and look for new opportunities. We will try new ways of working and seek to be at the forefront of trying new ideas.

Quality: we will strive to ensure that the quality of our delivery effectively matches our innovative and entrepreneurial approach.

Passion: we are committed to helping improve lives and places and will encourage creativity, innovation and dynamism in our staff and volunteers.