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From Despair, To A Positive Future

A Warrington man has turned his life around thanks to sheer determination, support from the Special Employability Service (SES) programme and pedal power.

Until recently, Michael Murphy hadn't worked for many years due to a range of issues, which included having difficulties with reading and writing. This had been a millstone which he'd carried around throughout his life. Michael had also suffered the personal trauma of a marriage breakup (and separation from his beloved dog), which left him feeling depressed and pessimistic about the future.

Michael joined the Special Employability Service (SES) programme, which is delivered by Groundwork CLM, because he wanted to get back into work and turn his life around. As well as tackling some of the barriers that were holding him back, Groundwork staff also encouraged Michael to think about a number of things that he had going for him. His likeable personality, his commitment and his sheer desire to get a job were key factors in him eventually finding work.

For most of his working life Michael had been employed in cleaning jobs. With the help of Groundwork, Michael was able to update and remould his CV. He was also encouraged to apply for every cleaning job that came up in his area. As a non-driver, Michael cycled to every appointment, whatever the weather and he was never late or missed a meeting. It wasn't too long before his determination and tenacity was rewarded and he was offered a job.

Michael started work as a morning cleaner and hasn't looked back since. His employer was so pleased with his work, that he was seconded to other cleaning jobs in the afternoon (within cycling distance). He can often be seen cycling through the streets of Warrington, going from one job to the other, always on time and always ready to do a good job.

I'm so pleased and grateful for the help and assistance I've received from the SES programme and Groundwork. They've been with me all the way, even finding me a suitable cycle route to make sure I get to my cleaning jobs without a hitch and on time.
Michael Murphy

Michael's life has been transformed in the past few months. Not only is his employer now looking for other opportunities for him, but his own private life is getting back on track. His self-esteem and confidence are noticeably improving by the day.

Michael added "Without the SES programme and the help I've received from Groundwork, I'd still be struggling in a depressed life with nothing to look forward to. I'm really looking forward to the future now and ready for what life throws at me. Bring it on!"