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Business Improvement Districts

The Smarter Business team from Groundwork delivers Business Improvement District (BID) projects across a wide variety of locations including business parks, town centres and industrial estates.

Our BID projects deliver real improvements for businesses, enhancing trading environments, creating safe, clean and vibrant locations in which business can thrive.

Groundwork has supported the development of 14 successful BID votes across the UK including the Northwich Town Centre BID, Chester City Centre BID, Winsford Industrial Estate BID, Globe Park BID (Wycombe), Gadbrook Park BID, Astmoor Industrial Estate BID and the Hale Bank Industrial Estate BID.

These BID projects have also included renewal votes (achieving support of upto 96%), where on each occasion the level of support from companies has increased. Our BID projects to date have secured more than £10million of investment into these trading environments.

Our BID projects and services can support your business community to create a successful trading environments where:

• Crime is low and businesses and customers feel safe
• Quality of the local environment is high, with clear signing and excellent landscaping features
• There is regular, planned maintenance of key assets
• The local business community is connected, and is empowered speak with one voice to realise transformational change
• The local business community is brought together to work towards a common aim of improving their trading environment, whether this be a business park, town centre or industrial estate.

The benefits from our projects include:
• Attraction of new inward investment
• Higher footfall and occupancy levels supporting enterprise / sales growth and job creation
• Much reduced levels of crime and safer trading environments
• More competitive property values through offering a higher quality environment and improved image for business parks
• Improved transport links and levels of congestion
• Greatly improved communication links between public and private sector, resulting in enhanced relations with issues affecting local companies being resolved more quickly and opportunities for improvements being realised at greater speed.

For information on Britain's first Non-retail Business Improvement District established by Groundwork in 2005 click HERE (

For information about Gadbrook Park, another vibrant Business Improvement District established in Cheshire in 2009 click HERE (

For information about Cheshire's first retail Business Improvement District, please click HERE (


For support and information on Business Improvement Districts contact Greville Kelly (Director of Business) or Jane Hough (BIDs Manager) at Groundwork: Tel: 01606 723175 Email: or

Twitter: @TeamBID