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Energy and Carbon Management

Our service and products can transform your organisation's management of carbon and energy, eliminating waste energy, lowering your costs whilst significantly shrinking your carbon footprint.

To date, clients we have assisted have saved in excess of a staggering £8million in energy and resource costs, resulting in more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon savings, which can be added to a organisations environmental portfolio to assist with tendering, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and bottom line costs. 

Environmental efficiency is one of those rare situations in business where every party involved is a winner.  The cost savings stack up; we consume less natural resource; the whole company is proud of its collective achievements; we've won awards, the results impress our customers and our philosophy boosts our brand and business worldwide. 
Paul Williams, Safety & Environmental Officer - Tullis Russell Coaters

Our carbon and energy management services drive and support our clients to actively plan, manage and control the use of their energy and resources ensuring efficiencies are maximised, significant value is obtained from investments and your legal obligations are met. 

Services from smarterbusiness include: 

Management solutions and opportunity identification:

  • Carbon and Energy Management and Reduction Strategies.
  • Carbon Footprint Assessments.
  • Carbon Reduction Commitment support.
  • Energy efficiency and carbon reduction Audits
  • Behaviour change programmes and training
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

Technical and Legal Compliance Services:

In my view, it makes a lot of sense for business and the environment, so why miss out? 
Tony Bourne, Director - Vector Precision Engineering

Remember, if you can't measure it, you can't manage it.