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Legal Compliance

Legal Reviews

In order to ensure that your register of environmental or health & safety legislation contains all the relevant laws to exactly match the requirements of your activities, products and processes, we can arrange a site visit to take you through all applicable legislation in your legal register.

This will provide you with the confidence to know that your legal register has been reviewed by a competent professional, and give you the knowledge to manage your own legal register in the future.

Even if you are new to the Legislation Update Service, or have an existing legal register that you would like to upgrade to our online service, our team will provide you with advice, guidance and confidence that your legal register meets yours and your auditor’s requirements.

Legal Compliance Audit

As more companies look to implement management systems for environment and / or health & safety, the sections covering legal compliance can often be a daunting one. In addition to our legal update services, we can also provide a full onsite legal compliance audit service.

Having a compliance audit by an independent third party will enable you to identify any areas of improvement and give you the opportunity to work on them prior to a certification audit.

Certification bodies are placing increasing importance on how a company can demonstrate compliance of legislation, rather than just awareness. A legal compliance audit will give you the reassurance to know that you are complying in all areas of applicable legislation.

Online Legal Registers - If you have an environmental management system like ISO 14001, BS8555 or BS OHSAS 18001 we can advise you on the range of tools available to create a bespoke legal registers to help demonstrate your compliance to regulatory requirements. We can deliver single site and multiple site solutions to ensure you company stays upto date.

  • Saves you time – there’s no need to wade through monthly updates of environmental, health and safety regulations to find the ones relevant to you.  We do this for you, and we then translate them into plain English so you don’t have to waste time trying to understand them.
  • Saves you money – not only do our monthly updates save you time (which means money) but we charge for them per site and not per user.  This means that all employees at your site can have access to important information without costing you extra.
  • Makes life easier for you – the Legislation Update Service is easy to use, implement, integrate into existing management systems and access remotely.
  • Contributes to your corporate social responsibility – by choosing the Legislation Update Service, you will be supporting a leading UK environmental regeneration charity.
  • Helps you manage multi-sites – you can manage the whole of your multi-site company from one location.
  • Helps your staff to share knowledge – the Legislation Update Service links up your sites and provides your staff with the facility to share best practice.  The legal register allows users to add comments that may benefit other users e.g. how a certain piece of legislation is particularly relevant to the company or a novel approach to dealing with the legislation etc.

    For more details or an informal, confidential discussion contact Tracey Birch or Chris White on 01606 723175.