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Grow Blackpool

Imagine being able to eat locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables.

Better still, imagine how much nicer it would taste if you’d actually grown it yourself. 

You might think that you don’t have the skills, knowledge or space to grow your own food. But that’s where Grow Blackpool can help.

We’re passionate about promoting the benefits of eating fresh fruit and vegetables daily and enabling people to grow it themselves.

By getting involved with Grow Blackpool, you’ll save money, learn new skills, become more active and make new friends.

So you’ll not only improve your health but also your wellbeing.

The great news is that Blackpool Council have confirmed funding for Groundwork to continue delivering the Grow Blackpool project next year.

Last year the team and the 91 people whom have so far benefitted from Grow Blackpool grew over 500kg of fresh fruit. This would have cost nearly £900 if bought from the local supermarket.

Over the coming weeks, the team will be visiting a number of events across Blackpool, to develop its links with the local food growing network. Grow Blackpool has a number of popular social media sites, through which it engages and involves local residents and partner organisations, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.