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Programme Helps To Change Deryk's Future

It’s been a long journey for Deryk since losing his job and a bereavement turned his world upside down more than a decade ago. Changing Futures is finally giving 42 year old Deryk hope for the future.

He says; “It’s changed my life for the better and I’m now a lot more confident.”

For the last 12 months Deryk (pictured on left) has been receiving support from Changing Futures Mentor Bill Smedley (pictured right). It has made a massive difference and has helped him to break free from the trap of social isolation.

Bill said: “When I first met Deryk, life had got on top of him and his health and social problems meant that he rarely left his flat. As I got to know him, Deryk began to trust in me and I got to understand what he was interested in."

“A turning point was getting Deryk involved in an 8-week project with ex-Northern Ireland international footballer Derek Spence and the team at DWS Lifeskills CIC that was funded through Building Better Opportunities. They did all sorts from skating to photography, even a bit of yoga. When Deryk started doing things he enjoyed, his whole personality changed and he’s now much more comfortable meeting new people.”

It’s been brilliant! The course with Derek Spence was the highlight, as he’s such a character. I would spend all week looking forward to the next session!

After being unemployed for a number of years, Deryk is now working over 20 hours a week at a local bar and is delighted to be back working again.