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Green Doctors across the nation help to keep homes warm and cut the cost of energy bills

Green Doctors across the nation help to keep homes warm and cut the cost of energy bills over the next six months.
We've visited thousands of people and we know that our service can make a real difference to the warmth of your home- and to the amount you pay for your energy. 

Groundwork's Green Doctors work with people like you across the country. We will visit you and help you to make your home warmer and cheaper to run. We are energy saving experts who go that extra mile to offer you energy saving advice and draft proofing installation. 

We can also help you to get the lowest price for you electricity and gas, and if you have a debt with an energy company, we may even help you out to pay these off... 


Eligibility checklist- 

In order to be eligible for free Green Doctor visit, you must fit within one of the following categories: 

  • People over 65
  • People with respiratory illness, particularly chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and childhood asthma. 
  • People with cadiovascular disease, particularly ischemis heart disease and cerebrovascular disease
  • People with mental illness (such as schizophrenia, bipolar, moderate to severe depression)
  • People with dementia 
  • Families containing children under the ages of five 
  • Women that are pregnant 

Our Green Doctors can help you take control of your fuel bills to keep you warm and well! 


Who are we? 

Groundwork is a charity that is passionate about the environment. We hate waste, especially when that waste costs people money. Making your home cheaper to heat and reducing the amount of electricity and gas you use makes sense, for you and your bills! This is why Groundwork started the Green Doctor service...