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Local Authorities

Groundwork Creswell, Ashfield and Mansfield has been working closely with Local Authorities for over 20 years. A partnership with parish, city and borough councils means we can deliver a range of projects to improve communities and bring significant change to local areas. 

Landscape & Design

The Landscape and Design team can help communities from the initial project proposal. If you have an idea, we can help make it happen. We are able to offer a complete management package tailored to your individual project; from initial consultation and raising funds to project completion.
Our team have the expertise to devise schemes on any scale, from the transformation of play areas and skate parks, to the revitalisation of streetscapes, community gardens and heritage preservation.

Construction Services

Groundwork has 20 years of experience gained in landscape design and design-build projects. These range from small-scale community gardens and playgrounds up to substantial derelict land remediation and townscape improvement projects. We work on a huge range of projects including urban renaissance, living spaces, working spaces, learning environments and projects that promote biodiversity and protect our heritage. Our landscape architects have a wealth of experience and range of expert knowledge that can apply to each projects aims and objectives.


The education department within Groundwork Creswell, Ashfield and Mansfield have been successful in running employment initiatives for several years. Offering courses that provide education, training and skill development, Groundwork have enabled accredited qualifications and experience to be gained through the participation in such schemes. We run exciting and innvoative education programmes in collaboration with local schools to provide practical education for under 16's. We also have a series of highly successful programs for young people not in employment, education or training. For adults wishing to get back into employment or embark on a career change we offer short accreditied training courses and a variety of volunteering opportunities in different industries.

For more information please contact Michael Brabham on 01246 570977 /