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Greener living In Groundwork

Groundwork Creswell, Ashfield & Mansfield have a passion to help individuals and communities work towards a greener future which will benefit the environment, improve people’s lifestyles and help cut bills. Groundwork in partnership with Crestra Ltd and Safe and Secure Homes offer a range of services to help you live a greener lifestyle.


We offer innovative solar alarm systems; burglar alarms that can be fitted to your home and use solar panels contained within the unit to generate the electricity they need to run. They are an effective and cheap security measure and Groundwork has fitted over 13,800 of these alarms in Derbyshire to date. For more information, to arrange a visit or schedule maintenance please visit our dedicated solar alarms website

Green Doctor

The Green Doctor offers advice to residents on how to make their home more energy efficient by making relatively small changes and the installation of minor energy efficiency improvements for example, bulbs, draft excluder, radiator foils etc. These improvements are tailored to suit your property and personal needs. For more information on how our Green Doctor can help you please call us on 01246 570977.

Green Deal Assessments

Groundwork in partnership with Crestra Ltd has employed a team of Green Deal Assessors to help you take advantage of a recent government scheme enabling you to make energy saving improvements now and pay back using a payment method affordable for you. Dependent upon your circumstances there is also a range of grants and free energy saving improvements you may be entitled to and our friendly, fully trained assessors can advise you on how best to begin your journey towards a greener home. The assessors carry out an energy efficiency survey on your property to identify improvements required to make your home more energy efficient and provide a detailed energy performance certificate for your home. Contact for more information.


We have a long history in offering a vital service on installing full housing insulation on properties in the area. As a homeowner, tenant or business you can achieve great savings on your energy bills and help the environment by increasing the insulation to your property and reducing your carbon emissions.

We offer a range of insulation options including: lofts both new and top up, cavity wall, external wall insulation (EWI), and internal dry lining insulation. We may be able to recommend these improvements be done as part of the Green Deal program. For more information please visit or contact 01246 570977

To find out more about the projects we do, please visit the links below.