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Apprentices Qualify

Crestra apprentices receive Level 2 Diploma.
The apprenticeship programme gives young people the opportunity to gain experience of employment in a professional environment whilst working towards a recognised qualification. Groundwork and Crestra have been very successful working with, and training apprentices.

Groundwork and Crestra currently have four full-time apprentices and two voluntary apprentices. The apprentices are able to gain practical skills through working with staff at Cresta and are able to enhance their training through support from Groundwork’s Education Department.

Well done to all of the apprentices who have completed their functional skills training and Gola Online Knowledge Test.
The apprenticeships were awarded on the 21 March 2012, and since then the apprentices have gained extensive on the job training .

Congratulations to four of the apprentices who have also completed their Diploma level 2 in Bricklaying; George Green, Liam Moore, Josh Hope and Jordan Smith
‘I’m really pleased to have my diploma after all of that hard work’ George Green, Apprentice
Lead Training Officer Dave Tomblin commented: ‘The apprentices have worked really hard to recieve their qualifications and they should be proud of what they have achieved.

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