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Why work with us? Client feedback.

We know we do a great job - but don't take our word for it! Here's what our clients have said...

Feedback on Community projects:

"I loved the Green Aiders visit. They made my garden look as it used to before I became seriously ill. They arrived on time cheerful, happy and polite, worked hard all day, cleared all the mess, and left my garden so nice I almost cried. Truly great service."

“The project was really beneficial to our residents with Mental Health disorders, thank you. It improved their confidence and helped them be distracted from their depression. Well organised, heavily supported and professionally delivered. Thank you."

"The opportunity for our residents to work with you and your team both in the gardens and in developing new skills in the kitchen has been of significant benefit in supporting wellbeing. The gardens have been transformed from an unused and unloved area into a viable and rich allotment with a wide range of fruit and vegetables for everyone to enjoy."

 "The work which you are doing, to help people live more sustainable lives is truly great and for one who feels so passionately about this need, I am hugely grateful to you for all that you are doing."

Feedback on Education projects:

"The project has formed part of our work to engage parents in their children's education and the life of the schools, including those more 'hard to reach' families. It has been an invaluable opportunity to talk to parents about well-being, both their children's and their own, and the impact of outdoor physical and cooperative activities on this. We only wish we could open it up to more families."

"Easy and hassle-free for teachers, yet the students gained so much."

"The project is a very social way of learning more about growing and cooking food. It encourages the children to try different things - eating and doing - it's quite amazing what they can do when you let them. It was a very enjoyable course - we will definitely miss it."

“Groundwork added genuine enthusiasm and dedication to the project, as well as a good level of local knowledge and understanding.”

Feedback on Landscape Architecture projects:

“We have been very impressed with the communication and standard of work achieved. All of it was very good. The impact has been very positive for residents.”

“Very good at engaging with the local community and ensuring projects are delivered. Designed an end result that met customers’ needs. Local residents and ward members are full of praise for the works that were undertaken.”

“A complex project that kept changing to meet customer needs. Groundwork stuck to it from conception to completion.”

Feedback on Employment projects:

"Groundwork's approach is really person-centered. They work very closely with the people on the courses and connect with the individual and don't just look at them as an outcome or figure. They offered a very positive experience to the members of the group and the general public."

"The course was well rounded and led excellently. They managed to create a genuine interest from all us volunteers. Although we were from several different backgrounds, the group ended up as motivated friends.  Very well led by two informative and positive leaders."

"The course has been a great experience for me - meeting new people and gaining new skills and experience has made me a better person."

"They use the funding they receive wisely to meet the needs of learners within the community. For example, by supporting the disadvantaged or hard-to-reach to overcome barriers to learning or community engagement. As a result, most adults who were previously long-term unemployed or sick attend their courses and take up voluntary work or gain employment".

Feedback on Project Implementation:

"Thank you very, very much for creating such a wonderful garden. The plants are so wonderful just right, the children all seemed to be thrilled to have planted a plant themselves, you were amazing and you must have been shattered. Thank you so very much.”

“Thank you for giving us a prayer garden that will calm, inspire and delight so many people in our community."

Feedback from Businesses:

“Groundwork unswerving professionalism and open, flexible approach to service delivery has been integral to the success of the service, so this is one partnership which has really delivered results.”

“thank you for the report and info you sent us. It has been extremely useful in our target setting for our endeavour towards achieving 'eco-centre' status and 'green flag' award for our centre.”

“…Our EBA and SABRE visits were very helpful and highlighted several areas that we had not thought of as possible savings but most importantly they were aware of the constraints of trying to run a business and reduce your carbon footprint.”